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Pest Protect works according to their customer’s requirements, challenges, concerns and pest problems. Excellent sanitation and hygiene practices are at the center of the Integrated Pest Management approach that is offered with Shield Hygiene, a division of Pest Protect.


Shield Hygiene provides dedicated, expert hygiene services with a wide range of washroom hygiene service solutions, including the provision and maintenance of quality products, cubicle, air care and waste management. Personal hygiene policies and practices are the foundation for successful food safety and quality assurance. With this in mind Shield Hygiene provides an array of washroom hygiene solutions making it easier to maintain personal hygiene, ensuring the safety of staff and end-customers. Our innovative and cost effective solutions are tailored specifically for our clients’ needs and budgets, and are suitable for all types of washrooms.

Our Services


Our equipment comes in three ranges, stainless steel, satin and white. The products we supply are of the highest standards and some even come with a lifetime warranty.


Washroom maintenance is the key to a hygienic environment. Whether you need sanitary bins cleaned or soap dispensers refilled we can assist you with a maintenance plan.

Air Care

Keeping your restrooms and workplace smelling fresh is important. Our air care range will keep your environment healthy pure.


If you need supplies we're a call away and offer same day delivery. With a large range of consumable you can count on us to keep your premises fully stocked.


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