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Ants can be anywhere in your home. Their small size allows them to go through your home unnoticed. They can be under the carpets even and will still be able to move around freely without you killing them. They can get into your pantry and into your food. They can get into your baby’s crib and bite it. Before the actual treatment, we identify the ant species and choose the right type of insecticides and baits for the situation.


If bed bugs infest your property, you’ll want to eradicate them quickly and efficiently. These insects are normally good hitchhikers and if people are travelling, they can easily get on to your luggage or briefcase or outer clothing or in some other object picked up by people and carried somewhere else.

If you can catch a bed bug infestation early, it would be a lot less costly and stressful to deal with. 


cockroach TREATMENT

Uggggggg! Is what most people say when they see one. Cockroaches are disliked by majority of people and not only because of their unsightly, intimidating appearance. Due to the complex nature of cockroaches it is always best to call the professionals and taking them on yourself can even make things worse.


The most common rodents found in South Africa are the Norway rat, the Roof rat and the House mouse. Rat and mice infestations peak during winter months as rodents seek refuge in homes to avoid the cold.There are a few different forms of rodent control and it sometimes necessary to use more than one. It is always important to arrange a site inspection to determine the best and most suitable method for the property.


Termites cause many millions of rands worth of damage to buildings in South Africa every year.

When it comes to controlling an infestation of termites, we use the most effective system for your needs . Many treatments kill termites, but the key to successful termite management is total colony elimination and an ongoing management plan.



Flies are considered more a nuisance than actual pests, but if they’re constantly present in large numbers, you can trust Pest Protect to help you clear your property with efficient fly control methods.


We use many effective bird control methods without harming the bird, such as-

  • Bird Spikes 
  • Hot Foot Gel
  • Bird Netting
  • Live Catch Traps
  • Optical Bird Scaring Devices


We do everything we can to remove honey bees without harming them. Pest Protect is able to provide a same day response and emergency bee hive removal, leaving you free of bees and the inconvenience they bring.

Hygiene Services

We supply a comprehensive list of hygiene products including sanitary and nappy disposal, air fresheners, dust control mats, soap dispensers, hand dryers, toilet roll dispensers and more.

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We offer competitve pricing without compromising on service quality.


From initial contact to follow up treataments we will never leave you in the dark. All our services include a guarantees to give you peace of mind.


Our PCO's have a wealth of knowledge and experience in pest control.

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